Cartagena Document on Methodology

The Heads of State or Government of the Non-Aligned Movement in the Summit Conference held in Cartagena de lndias, Colombia, on 18-20 October 1995, recognized that it is essential to increase inner strength for enhancing the role of the Movement. They decided to introduce a rotating three year duration chairmanship of the Ministerial Committee on Methodology, which they considered would provide impetus to improving further the working methods and efficiency of the Movement.

            In this regard they recalled the early adoption of criteria for the admission of new members, observers and guests. They reaffirmed that the enhancement of the role of the Movement should be a constant process and considered that the Ministerial Committee of Methodology should continue to intensify its activities for a thorough and extensive examination of several aspects related to the structure and modalities of the Non-Aligned Movement. They recommended that the Ministerial Committee meets early 1996, to consider ways and means for enhancing the role of the Movement in the light of recent changes in the international situation.

            The Co-ordinating Bureau in New York, through its Working Group on Methodology chaired by Colombia as Chairman of the Movement, met on seventeen occasions to consider a working paper submitted by Colombia. Thorough consultations were held with the members of the Movement on this paper. The Committee met in Plenary in Cartagena de Indias from 15 to 16 May, 1996.

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