3. Format and Frequency of Meetings

The high level meetings of the Movement are:
Summit Conferences, Ministerial Conferences, Ministerial Meetings in New York during the regular Session of the UN General Assembly, Extraordinary Ministerial Meetings, Ministerial Meetings of the Coordinating Bureau, meetings of the Ministerial Committee on Methodology, meetings of the Standing Ministerial Committee on Economic Cooperation and Ministerial Meetings in various fields of International Cooperation.
There are other meetings of NAM such as the meetings of the Coordinating Bureau in New York and the meetings of the Working Groups, Task Forces, Contact Groups and Committees that are held at different levels.

3.1 Conference of Heads of State or Government

The Summit Conference of Heads of State or Government is the highest decision-making authority of the Movement. The existing practice is to hold the Summit Conference every three years. The Summit should be held at least one month before the regular Session of the UN General Assembly. The programme of the Summit includes a formal ceremony for the handing over of the Chair.
The decisions of a Summit should be action-orientated. Senior Officials and Ministerial meetings, which are preparatory to the Summit Conference, precede the Summit of the Heads of State or Government. The Summit has two committees, one for political issues and another for economic and social issues. In order to facilitate finalising the Drafts of the main documents, the committees begin their work informally during the Senior Officials meeting.

3.2 Ministerial Conference

The Ministerial Conference is held with the purpose of reviewing the developments and implementation of decisions of the preceding Summit, to prepare for the following Summit, and to discuss matters of urgency. These conferences are convened eighteen months after the Summit Conference, with the latest being the Ministerial Conference in New Delhi held from April 4 – 8, 1997. The final document of the New Delhi conference therefore focused on reviewing the implementation of recommendations, decisions and Action Programs from Cartahena which are of continuing relevance.

3.3 Ministerial Meetings in New York during Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly

It is the practice that Ministers of Foreign Affairs annually meet in New York at the beginning of the regular Session of the United Nations General Assembly. The purpose of this annual meeting is to focus on the items of the Agenda of the General Assembly that are of major importance to the Movement.

3.4 Ministerial Meeting of the Coordinating Bureau

These meetings are restricted to preparations for Summits and, if deemed necessary, to consider issues of major importance to the Movement.

3.5 Meeting of the Ministerial Committee on Methodology

All NAM members are to be members of the Ministerial Committee on Methodology. Bearing in mind that the examination of the structure and modalities of the Non-Aligned Movement is an ongoing process, meetings of the Committee on Methodology at Ministerial level should be held as necessary upon a decision by the Summit or the Ministerial Conference. The meetings of the Ministerial Committee will be chaired by the Chairman of the Movement.

3.6 Standing Ministerial Committee on Economic Cooperation

It is necessary to revitalize the Standing Ministerial Committee on Economic Cooperation in order to strengthen south-south cooperation, reactivate the dialogue between developed and developing countries, and enhance the role of the United Nations, particularly the General Assembly, in international cooperation for development. The Standing Ministerial Committee should meet as frequently as necessary upon the recommendation of the Coordinating Bureau.

3.7 Ministerial Meetings in various fields of International Cooperation

Consistent with the mandates given by the Conference of Heads of State or Government, the meetings at the ministerial level shall be held on such issues as information, culture, agriculture and external debt.

3.8 Extraordinary Meetings of the Coordinating Bureau

The extraordinary meetings of the Coordinating Bureau will take place in exceptional cases which call for urgent consideration.

3.9 Meetings of the working groups, tasks forces, contact groups and committees

All the existing working groups, task forces, contact groups and committees as included in the Annex make considerable contributions to the Movement. The working groups and above mentioned mechanisms should meet as often as necessary. Due consideration should be given to avoid overlapping of meetings.[1]